View of Talents

A group of dreamers
with the consistent spirit of innovation and perseverance
prepared to solve complex problems
when the opportunity comes
we will lead the company to a rapid development.

Features of HR

Grandpharma is committed to building a competitive and potential growing business, aiming at localization and internationalization. Our core philosophy of the cooperate human resources has several characteristics:

  • International employees

    With insisting on the thinking of “young, professional, international”, we focus on talent introduction and talent activation at present, accumulate outstanding employees with international background thinking and vision, increase the density and thickness of talents and ensure human resources supply.

  • The West Point in Pharmaceutical Industry

    With on-site assistance, Grand Pharma Campus (GPC) Project is aimed at training a number of CEOs, who will be good at coordination and cooperation, identify with our value and lead the company to achieve our strategic objectives.

  • Mechanism of Sharing Achievements

    We advocate "Striver" culture and our incentive policy is inclined to those who contribute to innovation and high performance. By the means of “Staff Career Development”, “Happiness is mastered by myself”, “Follow the Investment Plan” and “Performance Shares”, we aim to share achievements of our company among the staff in order to upgrade their employability, reach job goals and fulfill their pursuit of career.

  • Coordination and Cooperation Culture

    Coordination and cooperation, in need of personal vision and breadth of mind, is fundamental to top managers. When our company is in a fast lane of development, we not only need coordination among different departments to enhance overall efficiency, but also share resources among subsidiaries to obtain a higher profitability in order to achieve external collaboration.

  • Democracy and Justice

    We are establishing management culture of “Democracy” and “Justice”, perfecting the mechanism of dynamic allocation of cadre management, strengthening the ideological construction of managers and advocating of the “willing-to-undertake”, “willing-to-achieve” and “willing-to-innovate” managers in order that we can impel every staff to share the same values by delivering the core organizational culture in daily management.

Training & Development

We are committed to cultivating high-leveled leaders, high-quality managers and high-talented professionals via building the talent echelon and enlarging career channel. With the theoretical training & practical project operation mode, we are continually providing a number of high-leveled, high-quality and high-talented elites, good at learning, for the company through building a professional M&A teams, systematically broadening their knowledge, comprehensively improving their managerial behaviors.

Leaders Training Project

Grand Pharma Campus (GPC) Project selects the most outstanding and exemplary elites. They will be created as the top leaders, who can fully recognize our corporate culture and strategic objectives, unify the corporate language and set good examples, when systematically and comprehensively learn theoretical knowledge, widely broaden horizons, grasp the latest industry information.

Managers Training Project

Talents with the potential to become a leader and to innovate, from Zhitong, Daohe and Xingqi projects selected out of the mainstay of the staff, will be molded into middle-level managers, who accord with our corporate values, via optimization of knowledge and educational structure as well as training of management and expertise skills.

Professionals Training Project

In Professionals Training Project, our reserve talents with strong enthusiasm will be molded into high-quality professionals, who are well-qualified, good at learning and willing to share our corporate values, via practical work counseling and training.