• Innovation Capacity

    Referring to FDA and EU management system, we set up a R&D management platform to promote the introduction of innovative products, clinical research and registration. We have developed dozens of state-level new drugs, achieving a leading position in the ophthalmic and cardiovascular fields and actively expanding into the fields of amino acids and specialty API at the same time. Our focus areas include cardiovascular and cerebrovascular emergency treatment, interventional therapy, respiration, otolaryngology and ophthalmology, rare diseases and biological health. At present, we have more than 30 independent R&D products, and nearly 80 R&D products in the project with abundant R&D resources in the system.

    Global Expansion

    Leveraging capital advantages, we have carried out in-depth joint venture cooperation with Cardionovum in German, Conavi in Canada, Sirtex in Australia, Oncosec in the United States and Glenmark in India and other companies with high-end cardiovascular medical devices and innovative drugs which have high technological values or professional reinforcement. We have successively introduced a group of the world's pioneer innovative drug products in the fields of liver cancer, high-end cardiovascular equipment, tumor immunotherapy products, parainfluenza virus innovative drugs, and sepsis treatment, as well as the construction of overseas research and development centers, etc., to continuously improve the international innovation layout.

    R & D team

    We have a professional R&D team with more than 400 high-end development and technical personnel with master's degree or above. Drug development experts and professional experts with international and domestic background from the United States, Belgium, Canada, Australia and India and other countries have joined us as our long-term advisers to ensure that we can continuously achieve innovative breakthroughs and development.

  • Patented Technology

    Focusing on the layout of core patents for key products, we have carried out overseas patent applications and applied for 628 patents in recent years and obtained 354 patent authorizations. In 2016, we were selected as a National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise. Up to 2019, four member companies have been awarded as "The National Intellectual Property Competitive enterprises"; one of the member companies has been awarded as "The National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises"; nine member companies have been selected as provincial, municipal intellectual property demonstration enterprises.